Miami or Tampa: @JonAlba Picks Which Sports Market is Hotter


  • Rays are advancing to the divisional round after they swept the Toronto Blue Jays in their wild card series.
  • Bucs have Tom Brady and are one of the favorite teams to win a Super Bowl this season.
  • Lightning defeated the Dallas Stars to win their second ever Stanley Cup.


  • Hurricanes currently sit inside the top 10 and appear to be back as one of college football's top programs.
  • Dolphins have tons of excitement surrounding their team as everyone awaits the debut of Tua Tagovailoa.
  • Heat are back in the NBA Finals with a legit chance of beating the Lakers
  • Marlins surprised everyone by making the MLB Playoffs despite people thinking they were tanking.

So which sports market is hotter right now? Jon Alba explains.

"I think Tampa slightly because you got the NFL, obviously all eyes are on Brady. You have the Lightning who just won the Stanley Cup, and the Rays were my preseason pick to be AL Champions."

Miss the interview? Catch the podcast below.


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