CV: Jerry Jones Did Not Take a Shot at Dak, But I Will

This clip is making the rounds. Jerry Jones made his weekly appearance on 'Shan & RJ' on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas and Jerry was asked about the Monday night game between the Chiefs and the Ravens and if he saw a major difference between his Cowboys, and the defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs. He proceeded to compare Dak to a couple of the game's best quarterbacks.

"And obviously with their quarterback (Mahomes), who I think is at the highest level right now because of his, frankly, as much as just his natural ability to make plays, his mobility. And this guy's very quick and elusive and can get in and out of situations with his feet and buy time."

After Jerry compared Dak to Patrick Mahomes, he mentioned Russell Wilson and his playmaking ability before ending his comparisons with Tony Romo. Listen to the full question and answer here at the 17:01 mark.

This is the part where people seem to think that Jerry is taking a shot at Dak, "That play Dak made at the end of the game that got intercepted, well, the result of Dak’s ability that let him get that ball off was really great and outstanding. Well, these guys do that — have that ability a lot — they are very quick-footed. They have the unique ability to possibly take their eyes away from the field for a minute and then immediately focus back and see. Romo had that."

As much as people want to start stuff with Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, that wasn't a shot. He was comparing the playmaking abilities of Dak Prescott to that of Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, and Tony Romo.

If anything, to me, it seemed like there may have been a shot towards Zeke Elliott. At the beginning of his answer, Jerry expresses a lot of love to Clyde Edwards-Helaire and how he "loved" him at LSU and in the draft and that he was "dreaming" he would get into the second (round).

Back to Dak, he does deserve criticism as he does want to be paid like some of the game's best QBs but continues to fail against the upper-echelon in the NFL. Sunday's game against Seattle was just another day at the office; big numbers and a loss. He gets a lot of praise for his ability to extend plays, and for the most part, he deserves it but Sunday I thought Dak deserved criticism. He had three turnovers, including a costly one at the end of the game where he is getting praised for his ability to extend the play (which he does deserve) but his poor decision ultimately cost him.

That looks good, but this is the full play.

He had some room to run and get out of bounds to and take one more shot but instead made a poor decision.

Everyone is falling in love with the fact that Dak has put up back-to-back games of over 450 yards passing and puts up these huge numbers but the fact is the Cowboys are 1-2. People want to make excuses that the offensive line can't protect or that the defense gave up "x" amount of points or that his receivers are hurt or there's no running game.

Plain and simple, for Dak to win, he needs everything to be perfect around him. If he wants to make what the great QBs make, he needs to find a way to win games when everything around him isn't perfect and he's not.

Blake Bortles put up a bunch of numbers at the end of games, Jameis Winston put up huge numbers and both are now backups.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Dak. I think he is a really good quarterback, but he wants to be paid like a top-tier quarterback and top-tier quarterbacks know how to win when things around them aren't working. Right now, Dak can't do that.


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