If the Big Ten Plays Football this Fall, Will Donald Trump Win More Votes?

It has been clear that President Donald Trump wants sports to be back in full. Tweets, press conferences, interviews, heck, he even showed up on Clay Travis's show. According to tweets and his press conference yesterday, he did even more than just say he wants sports back, he said that he talked to Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren about having the Big Ten play.

While the Big Ten did confirm that this meeting took place, rumors have started up and nobody really knows what this means for Big Ten football. The college presidents need to still vote and have a different outcome than they had a few weeks ago. For a very nice wrap up of everything watch this:

Now time for the political ramifications in question: did Trump guarantee himself votes if the Big Ten plays. Obviously, there are some people in those states who were always going to vote for Trump and others who never would, but is football enough to get the uncertain voter to side on Donald Trump?

My (Producer Austin) thoughts? I hope football isn't a deciding factor in people voting for OUR PRESIDENT. Just saying.

But what do you think?

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