The Orlando Magic Forecast is not Looking Very Good

The Orlando Magic had a rough time in the NBA Bubble. Injuries plagued the team. Guys like Jonathan Isaac, Aaron Gordon, and others all went down when the team needed it most. Then they played the best team in the NBA in the playoffs. While the series didn't go the Magic's way, it didn't go as badly as many thought it would.

So what now? The Magic are coming off a season that was weird for more than one reason. Between the pandemic, various injuries, not actually using a draft pick (sorry Chuma), what now for the Orlando Magic?

Well there are plenty of positives. First off, Nikola Vucevic showed up during the playoffs. When the Magic needed a star, Vooch was there. He averaged 28 points, 11 rebounds, and shot 40% from three. We saw flashes of greatness from young rehabbing star Markelle Fultz. Aaron Gordon was showing improvement before his hamstring injury. Looking forward, the Magic will get Chuma Okeke next season, someone who they think could make a big impact on the team.

The bad news is that every positive seems to bring a negative. Vucevic was great in the playoffs but he was regular Vooch during the season, not bad, but not the guy the Magic need as their best player. All of their shooters were streaky at best, and at the worst of times couldn't throw a basketball into the ocean. The Magic are currently stuck in the hell zone of the NBA where they aren't bad enough to get a high draft pick, but they aren't good enough to win playoff series. They are stuck. Add onto that their two best young stars are both out for an unknown amount of time.

Jonathan Isaac will likely not play at all next season and Mo Bamba is a massive question mark after he didn't play at all inside the bubble due to complications with the coronavirus. This Magic team will be good enough for a playoff spot, but competing? That is a whole other ball game.

What do you think their forecast entails?

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