Compared to Other College Students Are Football Players Safer From COVID?

We want football. We want to play. That's what we've been hearing from college football players, parents, and coaches for the past couple of weeks since the Big Ten and Pac-12's decisions to postpone or cancel the fall football season. Now that some schools are back on campus, we are seeing many of them being forced into online learning because the students are not social distancing.

Parties are happening across the country because people want their social lives more than they want to protect each other from spreading this disease. But there are some colleges that are keeping only the football teams on campus, North Carolina being the prime example. So the question stands, are football players less likely to get COVID-19?

The short answer is no. A virus doesn't care if you are a football player or not, it will still infect you if you are put in a bad situation. That is where the question gets more difficult. Football players get the chance to be in a pseudo-bubble. They could, if they tried, to only be around other football players and as long as nobody is infected, nobody will get the virus.

That's a big, big if. Asking college age students to only see their teammates and go to class is a tall task, but we pass the question off to you.

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