2020's Most Unpredictable NFL Teams via @BrandonKravitz

25 days until a full slate of Sunday NFL action! So many great storylines this year, many, unpredictable, that’s what we love about the NFL…This year has been nothing but unpredictable, so I found it only fitting to give you my list below of the NFL’s Most "Unpredictables"!

These are the teams that I just can’t quite put my finger on. If you asked me; “Hey Brandon, what the Falcons record going to be this year?” I would just shoulder shrug. And they’re not alone, but, we’ll start there:

1.Atlanta Falcons: They made the Super Bowl in 2016, went back to the playoffs in 2017, and then won just 7 games the next 2 seasons. But their talent doesn’t match the production. I just assume they’ll get better because they have great firepower on offense and emerging defensive stars like Deion Jones. They are the wildcard, literally, in the NFC South.

2.Cleveland Browns: What was their problem last year? You just couldn’t take them seriously, I don’t think they took themselves seriously. Freddie Kitchens was a disaster, Baker Mayfield thought he was God’s Gift, and OBJ was rudderless. They were undisciplined, immature, and poorly coached. In steps Kevin Stafanski, and if he can turn all of those fixable issues around, they have the talent to be great. Or…they could be the Browns again.

3.LA Rams: This team cruised to 13 wins and a Super Bowl appearance in 2018, only to follow that up with a dud of a 9 win season. The face of their franchise is now gone, and they’re reshuffling the deck after not having a 1st round pick AGAIN. This team has loads of talent, but they have just as many gaps. Can Jared Goff put a team on his back? Not sure.

4.Tennessee Titans: Anyone that tells you they saw that coming last year is lying, they had an awful start, then went 5-2 in their last 7 games, beat the 1-seed Ravens, and ended the Patriots dynasty. Not bad. But can they do that again? They haven’t really lost much, other than a decent left tackle, so your guess is as good as mine.

5.¾ of the AFC East: I kinda know what the Bills are, they’ll either win the division or get in as a wild card, Josh Allen will be up and down, but their defense will carry them through the season. The other 3, no clue. Jets were terrible and then great at the end of last season, the Pats get some benefit of the doubt with Bill, but they lost a lot of pieces, and the Dolphins added more talent than any other team in the league, but that doesn’t always pan out right away. 3 unknowns in a division that had been highly predictable for the last 20 years.

6.Honorable mentions: Broncos, Chargers, and Bears.

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