Who Should Florida State Fans Trust - the New Coach or the Players?

I'm sure when Mike Norvell took the FSU job, he wasn't prepared for what would happen. He wasn't ready for a pandemic or race protests jumping in and meddling with his football, but here we are. Mike Norvell was called out once earlier this year by star player Marvin Wilson for lying to the media about how he talked to every player about what went on with the protests. Now it's wide receiver Warren Thompson.

Thompson posted on Twitter an open letter to FSU calling out the coach and staff for only caring about their futures and not the students while also saying that COVID testing has not been handled properly.

So who should FSU fans believe at this point?

For me (Producer Austin here), I trust the players. Mike Norvell has a contract in hand that has him set for a while even if FSU drops him. The players don't have a fall back plan. Maybe they get to transfer elsewhere, but that is a massive question mark. During this offseason for the Noles, I keep getting this feeling that Norvell is a little skeevy, but maybe he was dealt a bad hand.

What do you think?

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