VIDEO: Stephen Strasburg Gets Ejected While Sitting in the Stands

In the bottom of the third inning in a game between the Nationals and Mets, something unusual happened.

The bases are loaded for Pete Alonso and he's facing a 2-2 count with two outs in a tie game. The next pitch comes in and the ump calls it a ball. That did not sit well with the Nationals side.

Manager Dave Martinez started yelling at the ump as did the rest of the Nationals dugout. Then, there's an ejection. The announcers had no clue got tossed and neither did anyone in the Nats dugout.

So who got thrown out?

Video is **NSFW**

That's right. Stephen Strasburg, who was not pitching, nor in the dugout, was ejected from the game while sitting in the stands. After realizing he was the one who was ejected, he got up, tipped his cap, and headed towards the exits.

2020, am I right?


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