OPINION: Shocked College Football is Canceled? You're Part of the Problem

The Big Ten and Pac-12 decided to pack up football for the fall because the risk of getting kids sick was too high. There is going to be far less college football this season, if there is any at all. If you are surprised by this, you were part of the problem.

We’ve known for months now that this was a possibility. We knew that if we didn’t handle the virus quickly, we were going to be in for disappointment come the fall. Now, because some people couldn’t stay inside, couldn’t wear a mask, couldn’t sacrifice, we won’t have the most beloved sport in the country. To say we didn’t handle it quickly is an understatement. Just yesterday there were another 54,000 cases in the US. Do you think this is under control?

I’m mad and I’m tired. This has been the most backward couple of months ever. Every single day I see on Facebook and hear broadcasts of people throwing statistics and insults around like they are the authority. They aren’t. The Clay Travis’s are not the experts, the politicians aren’t experts, Uncle Kevin on Facebook isn’t an expert, but they are the reason why we don’t have football.

I’m tired of it. I’m putting the blame somewhere. I’m putting the blame on every person who when the stay-inside order was given, they didn’t listen. I’m putting the blame on every anti-masker. I’m putting the blame on every adult who acted like a damn toddler during an unprecedented time.

Let me explain what happened over the last couple of months. We were told in March that we should stay inside. It was that moment where it was like our parents said, “Hey we are going to the store. If you are good and quiet, I’ll get you a candy bar on the way out.” That candy bar would’ve been college football.

Instead of going quietly through the store, people screamed about their freedoms and yelled about a hoax. They kicked and threw a fit because of a couple inconveniences. Well guess what, we are at the checkout line and we don’t have pushover parents handing us a candy bar just to get us to shut up. We get nothing because we were bad. 

So to everyone who is still crying and complaining, suck it up. You lost. The thing that you love is gone for a year and there is not a statistic or conspiracy theory you can throw at me to change that. Shut up, put on a mask, and grow up.

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