If the Big Ten Cancels Football Today Will the SEC Follow Suit?

After a long weekend, rumors continue to swirl about the possibility that the Big Ten and other Power Five conferences will shut down football for 2020. Power Five representatives had a meeting this weekend and according to reports, many felt that it was in everybody's best interest to, at the very least, push the season back to Spring.

Players have been unhappy with this as stars like Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields tweeted out with #WeWantToPlay and #WeAreUnited on their tweets.

With players saying that they want to play, will that be enough to save the season? Unknown. It's a nice thought, but even in this time when players have more power than ever, we still know that the conferences hold the power.

It is said today that Nebraska coach Scott Frost will hold a press conference today to talk about the Big Ten's decision, among others.

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