Mike Bianchi's Top 5 Injuries that Derailed Franchises

5. Mark "The Bird" Fidrych

He was the Rookie of the Year in 1976 but one year later he would hurt his knee and then suffer a torn rotator cuff. He was the bright star of the Detroit Tigers, but then it all fell apart thanks to the torn rotator cuff that wouldn't be diagnosed for seven years.

4. Gale Sayers

He was the most electrifying running back in the NFL. They called him the Kansas Comet! He led the league in rushing but then a devestating injury brought it all to a halt. He was never the same and neither were the Bears.

3. Yao Ming

Yao Ming was the biggest thing in the NBA, literally. The Rockets were one of the most fun teams to watch, when he was on the court. When Yao wasn't, they were fine, but the Rockets could've been next level good with his size and ability.

2. Robert Griffin III

Remember the hype around RGIII? He was the next big thing in quarterbacks. A big arm with great speed and mobility, but then the injury bug bit him. The Washington Football Team had high hopes, but they all fell with RGIII.

1.Grant Hill - Orlando Magic

Imagine if Grant Hill had been a success. The Magic would've had the duo of Hill and McGrady, keeping them in the playoff conversation, even possibly Finals conversations. Instead it was injury after injury and years of sadness for fans.

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