SEC Killing Florida-FSU Rivalry Game Sucks Fun Out of College Football

The SEC announced that it is going to have a 10 game conference only season. The ACC announced a 10 game conference only season with one nonconference game that must be played inside the home team's state. Notice the difference?

The SEC has zero nonconference games, thus killing the best in-state rivalry game for this season.

College football thrives on the rivalry game. For me at the very least, I enjoy a good regular football game, but there is something about watching a rivalry. Even if it is a team that I don't cheer for, the game gets so much more exciting and intense because it is a rivalry game.

Of course there are in-conference rivals, but in a year that...

Thanks Marco Rubio. This year has sucked and now an already bastardized college football season is getting less and less tasty.

It's like eating a Waffle House steak. It's not good, but if you really want a steak, it'll scratch that itch.

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