Who Would UCF Fans Rather Face - Gators, Canes, or Noles?

UCF fans have been begging for years to play against in state teams in the Power 5 and for years the likes of Florida, FSU, and Miami have avoided them. Objectively, we can say it's hard to schedule big brand names to favorable one for one games and yada yada yada. We've heard all that before, but we fans know that its because they don't know what a loss to the best Group of 5 team would do to their reputation.

The Seminoles have arguably the lowest standards right now. They've got a brand new coach during a weird year. Do they have star power? Sure some, but they aren't going to blow anyone away unless new coach Mike Norvell works some voodoo. So UCF fans probably don't care too much about taking on the Noles.

Miami is the team that people first thought of when the ACC announced a 10 game conference schedule with one in state out of conference game. Miami has D'Eriq King at QB and a star filled defense. They feel like they are on the cusp of something big and UCF fans would like to quell that excitement. I think this is the most likely match up to happen and it's the one Miami fears the most.

The Gators are the best team in the state when it comes to athletic ability, rankings, and the all important eye ball test, but how much better are they than UCF? That's the question every fan wants to know. We want to see the best teams play against each other and that's exactly what we would get in a Knights vs Gators battle. This is the one I most want to see.

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