Imagine If These Team Names Were Revealed in Today's Social Media World

Let’s talk team names…

Now, I’ll start with this, I love social media. For anyone who follows me or this radio station, you know that. I mean sure, it can be negative…but social media is what you make of it. You can drown in the negative or you can be uplifted by the positive. Depends on what you read, what you follow, and what you let get to you.

So for me, even though its an unpopular opinion…I think…The internet is overwhelmingly positive. I know my life is better with it than it was without it.

However, one area that is a constant negative is the release of a new concept, new idea, or new team name. If Wendy’s says “we’re trying breakfast” the internet hates it. If a company says “we’re changing our catch phrase” you can expect to see memes about it. And why is this?

It’s simple. Everyone online think they’re a comedian. And I am not exempt from this.

Sports teams/team names might get it the worst. You simply can’t satisfy the public. At least not right away…because it’s not cool to find something cool. You have to hate it and make fun of it…counter culute ya know.

Even the Seattle Kraken were a punch line after their hype video and name release came out…and that name is objectively awesome! So, it got me thinking…what if you put old names through the same social media ringer? We’ll never truly know how the internet would react, but let’s pretend for a moment…we are zoning out after-all.

I will say team name…and quickly imagine the instantaneous social media backlash:

·Athletics (1901) -- that's the best we could do?!

·Reds, Red Sox, White Sox (1881) -- Socks...really?!

·Packers (1919) -- Cheese

·Dodgers (1876) -- nothing strikes fear in an opponent like those who avoid traffic.

·Phillies (1890- they were the quakers before that) -- OK, Quakers is worse.

·Knickerbockers (1946) -- pants...

·Browns (1946) -- Clearly logo guy took a day off.

·Fighting Irish (early 1900’s) -- don't see this passing the eye test today.

Duke v Notre Dame

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