Players Report Today but the NFL and NFLPA are NOT Close on Agreement

The NFL announced that rookies will report to training camp today, Monday July 20th, and that other players will report to training camps later this week. Sounds like we are getting football on a regular schedule right?


Uh oh.

This is definitely not good.

Players took to Twitter Sunday to express frustrations over the lack of safety being shown by the NFL. JJ Watt explained it best as to what the players and the NFL are stuck on.

This smells like a lockout situation. This could be a bad week for the NFL because if players at the highest level are questioning their own safety, the NFL has some problems. Personally, I think this could be worse than a baseball lockout because the fan base isn't used to it and it took months for the NBA to come up with the bubble. I can only imagine how difficult it is to make the NFL work without a bubble. Let us know what you think!

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