Byron Jones Reportedly Proposed Player Tweetstorm

Patrick Mahomes, Michael Thomas, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson. Those are just some of the players to send out tweets regarding their concerns with the NFL's plan to provide them with a safe workplace during the pandemic.

The brainchild behind the tweetstorm is new Miami Dolphins corner Byron Jones, according to Dan Graziano.


The idea for the tweets came from Miami Dolphins cornerback Byron Jones, who made the suggestion on one of the players' internal planning calls Sunday, a source told ESPN's Dan Graziano. Jones' idea, the source said, was to get the message out to the public that the players want to play but want the teams to make sure it's as safe as possible and that it isn't about players just looking out for their money or not wanting to show up for camp.

The rookies for the Chiefs and Texans (the two teams that kickoff the season on September 10th) have been told to report to training camp on Monday. A majority of teams are supposed to report to camp on July 28th.

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