The Dodgers are Selling "Fan Cutout Seats" for Charity

Baseball stadiums across the country will be empty this year because of COVID-19, but one will be filled with fans...sort of.

The Dodgers are selling tickets to their games to raise money for charity. But nobody will be able to go right? Wrong! A cutout of themselves will be placed in the stands!

We've seen something similar done in Japan for the return of baseball there. As a way of creating a more dynamic product, Japanese and Korean baseball leagues put stuffed animals, cutouts, and robots in the seats and continue to play music as if fans are there. If you've watched at all on ESPN, you may have seen this.

It looks like the prices could get a bit steep. For the "Home Run Level" it'll run you $299 and "Field Level" will be closer to $149. Proceeds will go to the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation.

You can get your face in the seats at Dodger Stadium now! Check this link out to see the full details.

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