Our Top 5 New Nicknames for the Washington Redskins

We try to be as helpful as possible on Open Mike, so we have come up with our top names to replace the Redskins nickname. Some of these are good, others Austin just wanted to edit a logo for. Be sure to text in your ideas for new nicknames to the Academy Sports and Outdoors text line at 50857 any time during the show!

The Fire Wolves

There aren't enough wolves in sports. The Timberwolves are the only ones I can think of and dammit they are a cool animal. Now add fire to it. Need I say more?

The Presidents

This one makes some logical sense. Washington D.C. is the home of the presidents and if you use Abraham Lincoln as your main logo, it seems to be historical and not problematic.

*Checks Twitter*


The Hogs

This is more than just an animal name. The Redskins were known for their incredibly mean and talented offensive line in the late 80's, early 90's. They were called the Hogs and this would be a nice nod to their past while looking to the future.

The Senators

The Senators are in the same vein as the Presidents but this wouldn't be the first time a team was called the senators. Before moving to Minnesota, the Twins were founded in Washington D.C. as the Washington Senators. This name change would be another nice nod to the past.

The Ice Dragons

So this one comes out of left field, but why not right? Sure, dragons aren't a typical mascot, and making it breathe ice is weird, but look at that logo and tell me you wouldn't cheer that? Also the in game festivities? This stuff markets itself.

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