WOJ Report: Some NBA Players Express Concern About Disney "Bubble"

ESPN.com NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski reports that a faction of NBA players have expressed concern about the leagues "bubble" format in Orlando.

Now, for what it's worth, most of these players have come from "non-championship caliber" teams. So, its no surprise that the players (most likely in LA or Milwaukee) don't want anything to disrupt any setup that may occur. Maybe not all players are as motivated to live in isolation for a couple months. Read more from WOJ below:

There were 40 to 50 players on conference calls over the past 24 hours discussing a number of concerns centered on the restart in Orlando, but there has been no formal petitioning to the NBPA from any group wanting out of the 22-team resumption, sources said.

As players have started to come to terms with the restrictive and isolated nature of the Orlando bubble --- including no visitors until after the first round of the playoffs, nearly seven weeks after the opening of mid-July training camp -- there has been increased dialogue about the prudence of restarting the season for a number of players, especially those on non-championship contenders, sources said.

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