UCF AD Danny White Would Rather Wait on Season to Have Fans in Stands

There is no place like a packed Bounce House on a Fall day in Orlando, but as things stand right now, we don't know how soon that will happen. There could still be football there, played in silence, but not everyone is on board for that.

One man who doesn't want that is UCF AD Danny White. White has become highly respected by fans and journalists alike for the decisions he's made to bring UCF sports to the forefront of the college landscape, but some disagree with his comments that he told the Orlando Sentinal.

He told the Sentinel, "I would hope that before we spring to that conclusion of playing games without fans, we would explore other options. Whether that’s pushing it back a couple of months and thinking about being creative ... or even pushing it to the spring, if that’s what it takes to give ourselves every possible opportunity to play college football the way it was intended to be played, then I think we should explore that."

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