Why the Shaq vs Hakeem PPV Didn't Happen

Now this I would've wanted to see.

Amid all of the basketball nostalgia that has seen the light of day recently…we are reminded of the PPV one-on-one challenge that never occurred.

Shaq vs Hakeem

Story: After the 1995 Finals – Rockets vs Magic, where Hakeem absolutely dominated Shaq, Hakeem averaged 32 ppg and 11 rpg during that series…Shaq challenged him to a game. And this thing almost happened! It even had a commercial! (see below)

Not many people took it seriously, but after about a week it was confirmed to happen, as it was a legit promotional piece for a Pay Per View event for a 1 on 1 game between the two centers for 1 million dollars.

But unfortunately just a day before the event, Hakeem canceled due to“sore sacroiliac from lifting weights,” It was a huge letdown, as Taco Bell tried everything to find a replacement and save the event.

They tried to get Alonzo Mourning or even the tandem of Spud Webb and Mugsy Bogues to play against Shaq, but they couldn’t manage, as they decided to cancel the event and refund millions.

Houston Rockets Hakeem Olajuwon being blocked by S

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