REPORT: NBA Considering Pushing Back the Start of the 2020-21 Season

As Adam Silver and the NBA comb through all possible scenarios for restarting the season, one item they have to consider is moving back the start of the 2020-21 season, it appears they're doing exactly that.

I've been discussing this for weeks on end, the NBA can't expect to restart a season (in any form) in late June and then start up the following season on time. If the NBA season does get cranked up, the Finals likely won't conclude until August, then the following season would start 2 months later? I don't see it happening and it appears the NBA has come to this realization as well. Report below:

VIA CBSSPORTS.COM: This is apparently the smarter approach for the league, as it limits the brunt of the financial impact the coronavirus will levy on the league. Per the report:

The further the NBA pushes back the start of the season, the better the odds they give themselves on getting fans back into arenas -- especially amid the CDC's projections of a second wave of the virus. Fears of packed arenas -- or even socially distanced space in stands -- will linger without a vaccine or treatments, especially in the hardest-hit regions of North America.


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