Report: Dak Prescott Violates Texas 'Safer at Home' Orders

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Dak Prescott is catching grief for his weekend activities. He reportedly held a party at his house that had up to 30 people.

From CBS Sports:

This weekend, however, Prescott displayed some downright terrible -- and probably dangerous -- decision-making. According to a report from TMZ Sports, Prescott hosted a birthday party for a friend that flagrantly violated Texas' "safer-at-home" social distancing orders. TMZ originally reported that there were up to 30 guests at the party, which took place at Prescott's house in Prosper, Texas.

Prosper PD tells TMZ Sports it responded to a report of a potential party at Dak's home. However, "the officer was unable to verify the report of a 'party'; therefore, he just reminded the resident of the current CDC guidelines -- to include social distancing."

According to TMZ, the party later included a sit-down dinner at Prescott's house that included only 10 guests, though those guests were seated at a table that did not separate them by six feet, as is recommended by the social distancing guidelines as one of the photos posted at shows. 

One of those guests also include teammate Ezekiel Elliott.

Dak Prescott has also hooked up with former teammate Dez Bryant when the two were working out and throwing passes and running routes which also violates the 'safer at home' orders.

While Dak has made mostly good decisions since the Cowboys drafted him in the fourth-round four years ago, he has not been making the greatest decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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