Have We Already Seen the Last of the XFL?

Los Angeles Wildcats v Houston Roughnecks

The Alliance of American Football had issues just two weeks into their inaugural season before folding without even completing the season. That was a financial goof by the people who put the league together.

The first time the XFL was up and running, it lasted at least one season before folding up shop due to poor quality of play. The league made drastic changes and nearly 20 years later, seemed to have figured things out. The play was much better and the rules gave the game a different kind of edge that fans had not seen before.

Then the coronavirus hit. Just five games into their return, the XFL canceled their season before ultimately suspending all operations and laying off all employees.

Should the XFL not return, this will be the second time that the league has folded and will be the first league to collapse due to the coronavirus.


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