We Will See Tiger Vs. Phil Part 2 and It Could Be As Early As May

We are going to see Tiger Woods Vs. Phil Mickelson Part 2. It could happen a month from now. Nothing right now is for certain but one thing that is for certain, is that this won't be like the first time these two squared off.

The match will be to help with COVID-19 (coronavirus) relief efforts and it will feature partners for the two golfers. New Bucs quarterback Tom Brady and Hall-of-Fame quarterback Peyton Manning will also be involved in the 2-on-2 competition. Brady will pair with Mickelson while Manning will team up with Woods.

The rematch will take place at an undisclosed location with no fans and the partners will still abide by the social distancing recommendation of staying at least six feet apart. It will also feature a small production crew wand stars from the PGA, NBA, and NFL doing off-site commentary.

One other thing that should make fans happy is that it is unlikely to be on pay-per-view.

From Jabari Young: "The person, who requested to not be identified as negotiations are stilling being finalized, said the event would likely happen in May and would benefit charity. Though nothing is official, the event could take place live on Turner Sports’ TNT channel or elsewhere in the WarnerMedia company, but its unlikely to be featured on pay-per-view."

(Full article here.)

This would give us a live sporting event at a time where all the major sports are not playing right now due to the coronavirus.

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