Tony Romo wins social media and that's a big revenue stream says @spotrac

Tony Romo is cashing in with CBS in a big way. He's been an instant star since joining Jim Nantz in the booth on Sunday.

While many love listening to Romo, it's his social media presence as well that is earning him the big bucks. Mike Ginnitti explains, "Tony Romo wins Twitter. He wins Twitter every time he's on. People love him, they just gravitate to him. He's trending on Twitter every Sunday every afternoon. That's worth everything CBS can offer him because Monday Night Football is having the exact opposite reaction. Every single Monday night is kind of a clown show and Twitter follows suit with that. He's winning social media, he's winning that fan base and that is a big, big revenue stream for the NFL."

Mike also is all in, as well as Kravitz, on the Jaguars tanking next season in order to draft Trevor Lawrence in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Catch the podcast below.

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