Dillon Gabriel told to "slow down" at practice explains @osmattmurschel

UCF will host their annual spring game on April 4th this year. That is just over a month away if you're keeping track.

One player who appears to be excited to start his second season is quarterback Dillon Gabriel. In fact, he's so excited, he's actually been told to "slow down" at practice.

From Matt Murschel, "We spoke with a couple of the new coaches, co-offensive coordinator Alex Golesh and then new quarterbacks coach Joey Halzle and Joey told us that they've had to tell Dillon to slow down, to conserve his energy. They're afraid he's going to burn himself out before they even get to the spring game in April."

Matt talks about the layout of the American Athletic Conference and some NFL Combine and you can listen all of that in the podcast below.


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