Podcast: "People vote with their wallets" - @MattVerderame

A few of the big names in the NFL are not happy that a 17th game is looking more and more like it is going to happen in the next CBA. Matt Verderame, who is at the NFL Combine, was in front of DeMaurice Smith and Smith explained why 17 games was able to pass on the new CBA.

Matt explains that there are people who believe, by the end of the next CBA, the salary cap could double from $200 million to $400 million with that 17th game. He also explains what the owners did to the minimum salary and how it affects a majority of the league, "The big thing that the owners did that was smart was they threw $100,000 worth of a raise to players making the minimum salary. That's 60% of the league and if you have 60% of the league getting a 20% raise, people vote with their wallets and those guys are going to say, "I'm only in the league 3-4 years. I'm absolutely voting for that."

Matt starts talking about that at the 11:25 mark in the interview.

You can listen to that and which quarterback he believes could end up being the second QB taken should Tua's health become an issue, all that and more in the podcast below.

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