Podcast: Tom Brady to Tampa making more sense

Until Tom Brady signs with an NFL team during free agency, he will continue to be the biggest name out there and will get the most attention.

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe detailed the new favorites to land Tom Brady should he not go back to New England. Those teams being the Chargers, Raiders, and Bucs. The latter option is starting to make more sense to Kravitz.

He explains that the Bucs have the wide receivers, a coach that Brady would respect, and the weather is nice. Kravitz explains that the holes can be filled, "If he wants to go somewhere where the weather makes sense, the head coach makes sense (he's gotta respect the guy he plays for), and he's going to want good wide receivers because that's part of the reason he'd want to leave New England, and the Bucs have all those things. The holes that they have, and they have plenty of them, they can fill some of those in the draft and free agency."

CV on the other hand does not believe Brady is going anywhere and you can catch the debate and the entire podcast below.

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