"Gimmicky negotiation ploy" - @spotrac on Jameis Winston's LASIK surgery

Free agent quarterback Jameis Winston had recent LASIK surgery to help with his eyesight. Many are skeptical of the timing of the surgery and Mike Ginniti is one of those skeptics and calls it a "gimmicky negotiation ploy".

It is still unsure whether the Bucs bring back Jameis Winston but as Mike points out, Winston's agents will use the fact that he got LASIK to try and increase his value for his next contract.

Another free agent quarterback is Drew Brees who posted a photo on Instagram to announce that he would be coming back to the Saints for a 20th season in the NFL. Mike Ginnitti explains that he will already carry a large cap hit before ever signing a new contract with the Saints, but then also added a layout for what a Drew Brees deal could look like for New Orleans.

Mike Ginnitti talks about a multitude of topics and you can catch the entire podcast below.

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