Podcast: @BOOMbaca with the Latest on Antonio Brown

Things continue to get worse and worse for Antonio Brown. He forced his way out of Pittsburgh and Oakland before being cut by the Patriots. He's been accused of sexual assault multiple times, he's insulted the NFL, the Patriots, and Robert Kraft.

He livestreamed a profanity-laced tirade towards police as he was in a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend. The police down in South Florida even gave back the money that Brown had donated to them for the Police Athletic League.

Now, he's being investigated for possible battery that happened at his house. His trainer, Glenn Holt, was arrested. Brown wasn't but he locked himself in his house and is refusing to talk after a moving truck driver accused Brown and Holt of battery.

There's a lot to dissect there and Chris Bumbaca helps dissect it all and give the latest regarding Brown and you can catch it all in the podcast below.

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