Hey Dallas, Look What Happens When You Follow Your Identity

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys

When you have the weapons that the Cowboys do, it's very difficult to be 7-7. The Cowboys have the top-five players in passing and rushing and a top-10 receiver. The Cowboys offense as a whole ranks in the top five and the defense in the top-10 yet they have managed to win as many games as they've lost this season.

For now though, let's react to the game on Sunday against the Rams. The Cowboys came out and had their way with L.A. from the get go. They ran the ball twice as many times as they threw the ball and racked up over 260 yards on the ground with both Zeke and rookie Tony Pollard going over 100 yards for the second time this season. Pollard even out-rushed Zeke despite half the amount of carries.

This is who the Cowboys are. They are a team that needs to rely on the run and take the ball out of Dak Prescott's hands. Yes, Dak can make some plays when he needs to but the identity of this team is run-first. That's why their offensive line is built the way it is built.

When you follow your true identity, you get the result you want. The Ravens figured out very quickly who they were. It took Dallas sometime to figure it out and for their sake (and mine) let's hope it is not too late.

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