Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram: The Perfect Postgame Duo

The Baltimore Ravens had no issues in handling the Jets en route to their second straight AFC North crown. Not only did they win the division, Lamar Jackson broke Michael Vick's single season rushing record for a quarterback in the first quarter. Jackson also tied Vinny Testaverde's franchise record of 33 passing touchdowns with the five he threw on the night.

All that is fine and dandy for the Jackson and the Ravens but they have their sights set on something bigger. They want a Super Bowl.

After the game, both Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram were being interviewed by Erin Andrews and the two continued to give us gold.

Regardless of who you're a fan of, it's hard not to like Lamar Jackson and what he's been able to do this season. Mark Ingram has been the perfect addition for this team and the two together are the reason the Ravens are the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

Even some of the Jets players stayed after to get themselves an autographed Lamar Jackson jersey.

Not every day you see multiple players from the opposing team staying after the game to get an autographed jersey from a player who just torched them but here we are.

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