Batista and the nWo to be Inducted into WWE Hall of Fame

WWE isn't playing around with this year's Hall of Fame class. The first two inductees have been announced and they are incredible.

Dave Bautista, now of Guardians of the Galaxy fame, goes in for his time as Batista. During his time in the WWE, he racked up six world championships and was a four time tag team champion. He won the Royal Rumble twice and has been the meme that keeps on giving thanks to his Bluetista days. Batista was a beast and outshone some of WWE's brightest stars during the Ruthless Aggression Era.

The nWo need no introduction, but they will get one nonetheless. Started by Kevin Nash and Scott Hall as the Outsiders in WCW, the group officially became the New World Order when Hulk Hogan did the unthinkable and turned heel in what was the greatest heel turn of all-time. Disagree? At me on Twitter @RadioGuyAustin.

The nWo was the hottest thing in pro wrestling in the 90's. They were one of the reasons that WCW wiped the floor with WWE in the ratings at that time. They were new, they were hot, and they were cool. X-Pac is getting the nod in the Hall of Fame as a representative of what I'm calling the "rotating members." nWo ended up having anywhere from 30 to 40 members at one time, but the guys that made it the way it was are getting the honor of being in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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