James Harden's Dunk That Wasn't

James Harden did James Harden things in San Antonio Tuesday night. He dropped 50 points on 11-38 shooting and a perfect 24-24 at the free throw line. See, typical James Harden night. Despite the 50 points, the Rockets did lose by two in overtime to the Spurs 135-133.

The real story, however, happened about five minutes into the fourth quarter with the Rockets up 102-89.

Harden stole a pass and took it back and slammed it home. Two-points right? Wrong. Well, kind of.

Here's the play in question along with the explanation given to Rockets head coach Mike D'Antoni after the game.

I can't remember seeing anything like this. It was certainly a crazy sequence of events and while that did not cost the Rockets the game, the fact that they lost by two in overtime is like adding salt to the wound.

You can bet that the Rockets will want the NBA to do something about the blown call.

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