CONSPIRACY THEORY: Ron Rivera Will be the Next Coach of the Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys head coach search isn't official yet but rumors are flying about Jason Garrett getting canned in the offseason. Jerry Jones made some comments on a radio show that have gotten Twitter up in arms.

That is a real quote.

Now here's my theory.

The rumors of Urban Meyer and Lincoln Riley are mostly unfounded. For starters, I think Urban Meyer would hate working for Jerry Jones because Jerry's team is, well, exactly that. Jerry's team. Lincoln Riley makes plenty more sense but now there's a new man at play.

Ron Rivera.

Rivera is a two time NFL Coach of the Year who became the winningest coach in Panthers history. With Cam Newton at QB, he didn't have to be the face of the Panthers and that would be the same case in Dallas. It's still Jerry's team.

Jerry likes winners, and Ron Rivera has proven that he can win. Does it make more sense than anyone else? Probably. Will Jerry do this? Maybe.

But Twitter agrees with me, and that's what I'm here for!

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