Jaguars Make Mistake Starting Gardner Minshew Again

Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars

Gardner Minshew was a sixth round pick in this past year's draft. No one ever expected Minshew to ever take a snap this season as the Jaguars signed Nick Foles to a big contract with a bunch of guaranteed money.

Then in the first game of the season, Foles went down with a fractured collarbone and missed the next 10 weeks. During that time, Gardner Minshew and 'Minshew Mania' took the world by storm.

The Jags went 4-4 during that time but it was fun watching him play.

Since Foles came back from his injury, the Jags have been outscored 75-33 and went 0-2. That doesn't include this past Sunday where the Jags were down at halftime, 25-0, which led to his benching.

Gardner Minshew is now the starter for the rest of the season and that is a mistake.

Nick Foles has played a grand total of a little more than two and a half games and is completing 66% of his passes with 3 touchdowns and two interceptions. How can you make the assumption that Minshew is the better play than Foles based off what Foles has done so far?

The Jaguars signed Nick Foles to a big contract this offseason, four-years and $88 million with $50 million in guaranteed money. This is a Super Bowl winning MVP quarterback and is allowed to have bad games. It is a bit strange that the team was willing to give Blake Bortles so much time to try and succeed and yet you give up after 2 and a half games with Foles.

If you want to argue his injury history and the fact that he has never played an entire season, fine, but then why sign him at all?

Now what happens if Gardner Minshew fails the rest of the season? What do you do heading into next season?

Foles should at least be given a majority of the season to get acclimated with his receivers.

This is why the Jaguars continue to fail as much as they do.

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