It's Easier to Move on From First Round Quarterbacks Today

2010 NFL Draft Round 1

Before 2010, the rookie pay kept rising. Sam Bradford was the No. 1 pick in the 2010 draft and he was given $50 million in guaranteed money before the rookie wage scale was put in place.

Teams like the Jets, Giants, and Redskins (who have already fired their coach) will be more than likely look to move on from their current coaching situation but who also have rookie quarterbacks. Kravitz and Shot discuss how easy it is now for teams to move on from those rookie quarterbacks if you did not draft them, the way Kliff Kingsbury did with Josh Rosen in Arizona.

They also shame all 31 other teams for passing on Lamar Jackson because they didn't think he would be good enough coming out of college.

You can hear the entire segment below.

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