Daily Poll: Do You Like NFL Player Movement Becoming More Like the NBA?

When athletes aren't happy, it tends to reflect in their play whether it be on the court or the field. In the NFL, we have seen Le'Veon Bell holdout and eventually force his way out of Pittsburgh because he wanted a new contract. Antonio Brown wasn't getting along with his quarterback and forced his way out of Pitt before causing a bunch of drama in Oakland and again, forcing his way out. Now Jalen Ramsey wants out of Jacksonville.

More and more NFL players are vocalizing their displeasure and doing what they can to find a new home. Much like what the players do in the NBA. Kyrie irving left Boston, Anthony Davis forced a trade to the Lakers, Kevin Durant said bye-bye to the Warriors, and that's just to name a few.

Do you like that NFL player movement is becoming more and more like the NBA?

Vote on the poll below.

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