Should Dillon Gabriel be the Starting QB?

Photo Courtesy of CBS Sports

Total carnage erupted on the scene at Spectrum Stadium on Thursday (k)night.

62-0... Wow.

This team could not be stopped. It was an absolute slaughter coming by the hands of the UCF Knights. A total of SIX Touchdowns were thrown by THREE different Quarterbacks to FIVE different Wide Receivers. What else can we say about this game other than "issa wrap"? Well there DID happen to be a little bit of controversy during this game. No, I am not talking about Cornerback Brandon Moore's gruesome injury which occurred late in the 3rd quarter. Instead, I allude towards the two primary Quarterbacks that UCF proudly showcased.

Here are a few highlights from the game.

Both Brandon Wimbush and Dillon Gabriel showed flashes of brilliance. Whether it was dodging a blitz or hitting a man deep down field, these Quarterbacks came ready to play. However, I cannot help but to dive into the statistics a little more. Gabriel possessed a 69% completion percentage with 127 yards and 3 TD's. The play where Gabriel scooped the bad snap and proceeded to hit a man in stride should demonstrate the raw athleticism that he contains. That to me seems like a good day at the office. I believe these statistics may potentially overshadow the statistics of Wimbush, who possessed a 52% completion percentage with 168 yards and 2 TD's. Although Wimbush won the starting job out of camp, I continue to wonder who will start the majority of games this year for the Knights.

This game, however, was slated to be as such. According to Fanduel, the UCF Knights were 47.5-point favorites... But hey, a win's a win.

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