Is Dwight Howard a Distraction?

Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy

Fresh off his recent trip to Iceland, Stan Van Gundy made his weekly appearance on Open Mike. Other than what it's like in Iceland, Stan discussed Europe, Andrew Luck and early retirement, Dan Dakich, the passion bared by athletes, his transition to NBA Analyst for Turner Sports, and whether or not he is done with Coaching (Spoiler: he's not).

Stan was also asked about Dwight Howard, a player he formally coached. The former Orlando Magic Power Forward and Center recently inked a deal with the Los Angelas Lakers. HOWEVER, this deal is not all tulips and daisies. Instead, the deal allegedly consists of a clause regarding public distraction...

"Still they'll judge him on actions, not words. He's been warned."

The continuously intriguing Dwight Howard situation once again plagues the minds of many NBA fans, myself included.

If you would like to listen to Stan's entire interview, click on the Podcast link below.

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