Daily Poll: Satisfied with Dan Mullen's Violence Against Women Policy?

John Huggins is a sophomore defensive back who was accused of choking his tutor last October.

Mullen was asked about it, “We do a lot of education on our team with that stuff. Obviously I’m a big anti-violence against women person,” said Mullen, who has a wife, Megan, and two children, including a daughter, Breelyn. “I’m also a person that I really want to have all of the information as I make decisions and what happens in different situations, and that’s one of the toughest deals. Because you want to give people an opportunity to have rights, like everybody else in the United States are supposed to. But everybody wants to see ‘what are we doing’ instantly.

“And we try to gather the facts. We spend a lot of time in educating our guys.”

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Vote on the poll below regarding if you're satisfied with Dan Mullen's policy in regards to violence against women.

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