Tom Brady Getting...Faster?

Tom Brady was never going to be known for his speed coming out of Michigan. To be fair though, nobody thought that a 6th round pick (199th overall), was going to win the same amount of Super Bowls as his draft round and turn into one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time.

We all remember this video from his combine where he ran a 5.28 40-yard dash.

That was Tom Brady at age 22.

Fast forward and now a video has surfaced of Brady running the 40-yard dash again, this time without a shirt and not on turf. Brady's time actually improved with age as he clocked in at 5.17. While it is unknown when the was shot, the video does appear to match up with Episode 3 in the "Tom Vs. Time" docuseries which was shot in the summer of 2017, prior to Brady's 40th birthday.

They say Father Time is undefeated. Well Tom Brady is putting up a damn good fight.

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