Romo-Stradamus needs to stay in the booth

I was always amazed at some of the things Tony Romo did as a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and it was unfortunate that he suffered a career-ending back injury in a preseason game against the Seahawks but it may have turned into a blessing for us all, including Romo.

Since he entered the booth, he's been on point with all of his predictions and analysis alongside Jim Nantz. He's energetic, he's fun to listen too, and it's something that we have never seen before in a sporting broadcast. He has earned the nickname "Romo-Stradamus" and he very well could revolutionize that we broadcast sporting events.

While there aren't any official rumors out there, it's being circulated by the viewers and even notable national sports personalities (Stephen A. Smith believe it or not) that Romo should pursue a job as a coordinator/coach. I ask you, Why?

Just because someone can essentially predict the future in the booth does not mean it will translate well on the sidelines. He has a bird's eye view from the booth so he can see what the defense has on the field. As a broadcaster, he can pick and choose what he wants to predict to make himself look smart while as a coordinator or a coach, you have to either be right, or you're fired (unless your name is Jason Garrett, but I digress). 

Tony Romo is changing the way we view games and should be known as a revolutionary in the booth. Who knows what he will be roaming the sidelines. 

For his sake, and ours for that matter, I hope he stays in the booth and continues to amaze us with his brilliance.

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