Limitless Daily Poll: Which in-state NFL job would be most attractive?

No State income tax? Check, check, and triple check! Now that we're even there, what separates the attractiveness of the three in-state NFL head coaching jobs? 

Let's just assume, for argument sake, that all three of these jobs open up. Which they all very well could. Is one more attractive than the other? Let's discuss the negatives they all posses... 

  • QB situation's in flux 
  • Lack of talent in key areas
  • Frustrated fan bases 
  • Bloated contracts 
    • All 3 teams are projected to be in the bottom 7 of available cap space in 2019's offseason 
  • A history of losing 
  • Owners lack patience with head coaches
    • Since 2002 the Bucs have had 5 coaches, Dolphins 9 (if you count interims), and Jags 6.

But, it's not all bad! The Dolphins have a pretty good defense, the Bucs might have a QB and definitely, the most offensive talent of all these teams, and the Jags were in the AFC title game just a year ago! Plus, the Jags could have a top 5 pick, the Bucs will likely be in the top 10, and Miami. 

Which is the most attractive? Vote on the Daily Poll! 

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