Limitless Daily Poll: Who will be the Jags QB in 2019?

It looks more and more likely that the Jaguars will move on from Blake Bortles at the end of this season. I mean, given the fact that they've benched him for Cody Kessler, I guess that shouldn't come as a surprise, and it certainly doesn't sound like we're breaking any news here. The fun/interesting thing to think about is, who will be the next man up? There are some options around the league that could be looking for a new home come next year, or the Jags could find one in the draft. With only 4 wins on the season as of right now, the Jags could land anywhere from 4th to around 10th in the NFL Draft. That's prime position if they want to draft their next young QB. 

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Maybe Joe?

A newbie?

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