Limitless Daily Poll: Why are NFL ratings up this year?

NFL TV ratings/streaming numbers are on the rise! Streaming #'s are up 65% for the league and what's more impressive is that in a world where so many are cord cutting, the NFL is actually seeing its ratings go up. 

The NFL will tell you that the league's TV ratings are up 4 percent this season, while the rest of broadcast television plummets. Bob Kraft (Pats owner) mentions that 17 of the 32 markets in the league have seen a rise in their TV ratings. The flip side to that being, Monday night's game (Seahawks vs Vikings) was the lowest-rated MNF game in 7 years. But, all in all, the ratings are up. 


The obvious seems to be the lack of a National Anthem controversy, mixed with a lack of Trump mentioning the NFL at Presidential rallies. Another option would be the number of touchdowns and close games seen week-to-week this year (both up from year's past). The NFL wants you to believe it's partly because of the promotion of player safety, that maybe mother's feel more comfortable with the league being featured in their home. (Read more about this here)

Personally, I think this is just the way ratings fluctuate. I never made too much of the politics, we've watched sports long enough to know, there are good years, bad years, and great years. This is just a great year for the NFL. 

What say you? 

Roger Goodell 670

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