Limitless Daily Poll: Who is Open Mike's biggest "turkey" of the year?


With the holidays right around the corner, we thought we'd take some time to reflect on the things in life that we'd rather forget. The people who brought us nothing but frustration, agony, and angst. We focus on these individuals to leave them in the past so that we can drink, eat, and be merry this holiday season. Thus, we want to know, who has been Open Mike's biggest "turkey" of the year? 

Is it Doug Marrone, who has led his Jags team that was supposed to make a strong playoff push to 6 straight losses? (All while we're on in Jacksonville for the first time!) Is it Dirk Koetter, who is having a tougher time picking out who his QB is than your fat uncle trying to pick out what side dish he wants to fit on his plate? Could be Willie Taggart, because, come on...the Noles have been historically bad this year, and he looks more lost than a millennial without GPS. OR...Maybe its Paul Finebaum, SEC/CFB elitist who has gone back on the defensive when it comes to anything that resembles support for UCF...

You tell us, vote on the poll and have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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