The Magic need to play Mo Bamba & "Mo Bamba"

You're probably familiar with the Orlando Magic's #1 draft pick Mo Bamba, but are you familiar with the other "Mo Bamba"? 

If you're not then you will be. "Mo Bamba" by rapper Sheck Wes is one of the top songs in the country, it has a catchy hook that gets people up and hype. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THE ORLANDO MAGIC NEED!

take a look at what Sheck did to St. John's during their midnight madness.

Not enough? Take a look at the parties that the song causes.

Hell, Even Mo Bamba gets down to "Mo Bamba"

So, in losing I am begging the Orlando Magic to bring Sheck Wes to several games. If not for anything but to get the crowd hype so we can have a good time despite the outcome of the game.

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