Limitless Daily Poll: Tannehill & Bortles Battle for Sunday's Most Awful


The Jags and Dolphins didn't have the Sunday they were hoping to have. 

Miami came out firing against the Bengals. They took advantage of some big plays on defense, Tannehill was playing well, they were running with effectiveness, and even Jakeem Grant was pitching in on special teams. Then, the bottom fell out. The Bengals came storming back and Tannehill went into his shell like a turtle. He threw a pick so ugly, Dolphins fans may never forget it (clip attached below). Phins give up 24 in the 4th and somehow lose by 10. 

The Jags on the other hand never even showed up to Kansas City. The red-hot Mahomes cooled off a bit with the NFL's top defense in town, but it wasn't enough to stop the Chiefs. Mahomes threw his first two INT's of the year, but they still managed to put up 30 on Sacksonville. Largely because our dear old friend showed up to the party...Bad Blake. Bortles had not 1, not 2, not 3, but FIVE turnovers in the game. Jags lose 30-14. 

So, who had the worse day at the office? Vote on our Thought-Provoking Daily Poll brought to you by Limitless Options Mens Clinic in Winter Park.  

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